Friday, June 12, 2009

How I became Involved in Ponyplay

Some years ago, featured Pupett in head to toe latex, complete with a bridle, hooves, and tail.

Seeing this picture had a profound effect on me.

I then did a search for ponygirls, and found the single most awesome ponygirl resource site,

Having spent the next few weeks looking over the multitude of photos and reading the stories, I was hooked.

I began roleplaying in Yahoo chat, using emotes to portray myself as a ponygirl in tack.

On Sir Jeff's website I found pictures of a ponygirl in full tack, standing outside a stable, and on reading the caption under the pic, I learned it was taken in a "game" called Second Life.

Much later, I acquired a new pc and signed up for broadband Internet.

That same day, I had downloaded and installed Second Life, and was hell bent on discovering the pony scene in world.

After several largely uninteresting and lonely forays into the places listed for ponygirls, I went off on a tangent, and became part of a Victorian themed BDSM sim that just happened to have a ponygirl stable.

By this time, I had already spent a fair sum of linden dollars on pony tack, and on meeting with the Stable Mistress of Frilly Filly Farm, I was a signed up pony, and loving it.

During the quieter times, I got bored as a pony, and between roaming SL partaking in non pony related activities, (yes I do have a life outside of ponyplay) I also became a trainer at FFF.

And I am still there now, probably most often as a pony, or just wondering around in civilian clothes, but catch me in the right mood, and I will gladly take a ponies reins and help to train.

So that's my story, in brief, leaving out a lot of the really tedious, boring bits.

What is your story? Care to share?

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  1. It's funny how we both seemed to have gone the same way to finding SL. I too found irc and emoted/played, more about rubber bondage, but some pony play as well. I think personally it's helped me roleplay somewhat better on SL thanks to my experiences on irc where there were no buttons to click. My first few weeks on SL were rather bland, more about exploring and seeing what i couldn't afford. It was fun reading about someone's first experiences on SL, and how they closely resembled mine.

    Again girls great blog!