Friday, February 12, 2010

Pony Play on the Web

For a change of pace, and while I get over a hectic RL week, I thought I should mention some other sources of pony play that I found interesting.

One of the best, if not the best, free ponyplay Web site has to be Sir Jeff's.

This was the first dedicated ponyplay Web site I found all those years ago, and it is still going strong.

Updates are now irregular, weighing in with a new update every 4 to 6 weeks instead of the previous once a week as of a few years ago.

But having said that, there is a library of stories, some going on over many updates. Then there is the artwork.

Truly, there are some really talented, imaginative and creative people out there.

Also featuring real photos and video of ponygirls, this is a one stop shop for all things pony to help get some ideas sparked.

And if you really feel up to it, why not read a story from there, then try to illustrate it using SL photos? Then submit them to Sir Jeff's site for instant kudos.

Sir Jeff's was the website that drew me into Second Life, and so it has a fond and dear place in my heart.

A story written by a friend of mine a few years ago, inspired by me in a roundabout way, has even been featured on the site.

I can't make a higher recommendation than that.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out right now. And tell them Jaydana sent you.

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  1. I have now received 2 sets of nominations... any more to come?