Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dari Returns to Second Life

Jaydana (yes, she’s still around) tipped us to a very cool bit of news : Darien Caldwell has returned to SL, after a long absence.

We caught Dari in world and we were lucky enough to have a nice long chat with her. It vaguely started with the intent of being an interview, but it’s a lot longer than you probably want to read ;)

My first question (I’m of the W5 school of journalism!) was why. Why did she really leave, and what brought her back in the world?

While she was indeed concerned with the Lindens’ adult content policy in 2009, the fact is that she was overwhelmed between first and second life and was heading towards a burnout.

She’s determined to avoid that mistake in her new endeavour, a store called [H]arsh.

Dari’s Haus is no more, as she feels the brand has been diluted by the occasional misuse (ie, sale of her free items). Her loyal fans did follow her to the new VIP group, however.

She already has a few items : one for sale, one in the works. And she will take the time to do things right, so don’t expect a ton of new items at once.

Even the existing ones required months learning Blender and perfecting some cool techniques : Dari will be able to offer custom fitting of mesh items (until parametric deform gets here) relatively easily.

So if you’ve missed Dari’s Haus, visit her cool little store, become a group member, buy the new items and join us in welcoming Darien back to Second Life :)

Name : [H]arsh
Owner : Darien Caldwell
The blog:


  1. Wow! Good news!!! Wellcome again!

  2. welcome and i cant tell you, how much your attitude enhanced Sm not only on Sl but also on other Metaworlds as well!

  3. Thanks! It's good to be back. :)