Friday, September 21, 2012

Kayliwulf - Back to the past and Hugo - New Element

If you’re old like us, you may remember the days when Kayliwulf Kingdom was in a sphere with the dance club at the top.

We had some of our best dance parties there with Laz DJ-ing up a storm - I still call him "Mister DJ" to this day.

If you’re not old like us, Kayliwulf has a brand new look! ;)

It’s called Fetish Planet, and it’s now at 3000m.

When you visit Fetish Planet, don’t miss the discount section, the observation deck and the ice rink.


Hugo’s Design released a new part of their inexpensive Elements line, a sleeveless latex suit. This is a good way to start a fetish wardrobe.

See our previous post for the other existing Elements :

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