Monday, March 31, 2014

SLFF Blog Closing Today

The timing may make some wonder, but it’s no joke. After five years and 1400 posts, we’re closing the SL Fetish Fashion Blog.

The posts will stay here - I feel this is a valuable reference even if we don’t add any more to it.

But over the last few months, we started feeling a bit of fatigue, and even some discouragement at how difficult it has gotten to get cooperation from designers.

The daily posts took us about an hour; cheerfully given time, never regretted.

But the amount of time shopping, calling designers, getting no replies where a simple “no thanks” would have let us plan to get something else.. it all built up to this.

We had a wonderful time, made some excellent friends, saw some delightful creations.

Now we’ll take time to enjoy them a bit more :)

We’re still around, don’t hesitate to call.

One project that we have is to share our thoughts about what we learned about doing business in Second Life.

I was thinking of opening a separate blog and pointing to it, but lelo very correctly points out that we can just add those here, with a suitable label.

So do keep an eye on this spot for advice on selling in SL, with a particular emphasis on marketing. And, you know, dealing with bloggers ;)

Thank you for reading us faithfully all these years. We’ll treasure every one of your thank you’s and well-done’s, and meeting readers in-world was always a treat.

Deirdre and lelo

Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter Hunt Starts Tuesday

Last-chance reminder, the Easter Designers Hunt starts next week!

Here's the note Cindy sent:

Welcome to the Easter Designers Hunt a hunt where 4 of Second Lifes best designers have joined together to bring you one hot hunt! The hunt runs from April 1 to May 1, 2014.

You will get 10 prizes from each of the following stores Latex Station, Sassy,  Edelfabrik, and Naughty & Nice!  And a bonus 10 prizes from Latex Station Thats right 50 TOTAL PRIZES!!!!!

Go grab your friends and get your hunting shoes on because your going to be hopping from Mainstore to Mainstore to Mainstore  its time to hunt and hop until you drop!

You can start this great hunt by going to the Latex Station Mainstore at the below LM and looking for the starting hint.

Have a great weekend!

Deirdre & lelo

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lelo Is Traveling

My sweetie is on a little weekend trip with her family.

Awesome fetish content will resume Monday.

Lolcats in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow ;)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Karu Karu - Rachel

The day after we featured the Tiffany boots discount, Chane called us with a new outfit. This is Rachel, a versatile body with lots of good straps and zips :)

We’re featuring the colors from the Popular Pack here, ruby, pink and black, but of course Rachel is also available in the other Karu Karu colors : blue, powder blue, purple, red, white and yellow.

The Ruby is quite dark, nearly a black with blood-red highlights. The red is a good light tint, so you have a clear choice.

The top features deep cleavage and bare belly button: you could go surfing in this and only get a few stares ;)

The bottom comes with stocking tops, and adds a third strap at the top of the stockings for extra length.

Without the top the stockings end a bit abruptly, so you may want to do without the stockings altogether if you wear the bottom without stocking top.

Fat and Popular packs are great discounts, so if you like Rachel and want variety, definitely go for them.

Another round of latex tonight, this time by Chane at Karu Karu, so it should be good for a great mix of skin, latex and belts.

We got the popular pack, which consists of the black, pink and ruby outfits, which come with open and closed options.

As usual we show you the open versions in the back shots, did you try to alt zoom the picture? *winks*

You’ll get pants, blouse, gloves and stockings, with all the colors and open and closed options the folder is pretty full, so you better move the colors in their own folders.

A final note, for a change the Lolas and Phat Azz appliers are included in the pack, now isn’t that nice of Chane.

Name : Karu Karu
Owner : Chane Karu

Quality8 8
Price9 8
Service9 8
Store9 9

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Catch It - Ciara Blouse and Moda Pants

Some bright, shiny mesh from Catch It tonight: we’re both wearing Ciara blouses, and lelo has the Moda Striped pants while I have the Moda Two Colors.

I love the rolled-up sleeves on the blouse, and the inside is finished properly so it’s not transparent - good attention to detail there.

The two-color pants look like some riding pants I’ve seen. They’re distinctive, certainly the first I see with this pattern.

Pad pointed out that the same size blouse and pants overlap properly, and I have to agree, the fit is great.

The folds on the front of the blouse are the realest latex thing I’ve seen in SL - glued latex is pesky like that in RL :)

Beautiful textures, bright colors.. just the thing to wear at the next fetish country club social ;)

Seems everyone has caught the mesh bug, Pad at Catch It is turning them out like hot cakes.

The stripy pants caught my eye and Pad suggested i could wear the Ciara blouse with it, which is made to match the color and goes over the pants when worn in the same size.

Talking about sizes there are 4 of them ranging from XXS to M, where i’m wearing the M and Mistress the S, so these are on the small side, better test the demo.

You’ll find a HUD in the package which lets you change the (Linden) shine and tint level on the pants, for the blouse you can also change the color of the accent color on the sleeve and cuffs.

Ohh i just had to wear these Hugo sunglasses with the outfit, it just finishes it off perfectly.. don’t worry not turning into a fashionista. *winks*

Now for the important question: “does my butt look big in these?

Name : Catch It
Owner : Pad Cioc

Quality8 8
Service9 8
Store9 8

Monday, March 24, 2014

PixelFashion - Kaina Boots

We saw the Kaina boots worn at Domme a Domme, and we headed to PixelFashion for a closer look.

We heard from Deesselle Destiny, the PixelFashion bloggers group admin, that Amandine Arai hasn’t been online for some time - we wish Amandine well, as we’ve received no replies from contact attempts with her or Ono Zinner, her partner.

That said, the boots looked good so we thought we’d share them with you. The demo includes all colors in the HUD so you can get a good idea whether you’ll love them or not.

The foot shape and heel are more to my taste than to lelo’s; more fashion than outrageously fetish, let’s say.

The boots are in different parts, each colorable separately; the colors are good but the tints are mostly dark - a bit more light would have been good in some, at least.

There is materials at work - and fitted mesh! - as the shine and texture clearly show. This is a thoroughly modern boot, and a design of excellent quality.

There are limited color packs - something that I believe should be a thing of the past. The color packs are 550L$ but the fatpack is 1100L$, making it a bit steep in my opinion.

Name : PixelFashion
Owner : Amandine Arai

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Immerschoen - Zara Catsuit and Mesh Overknee Laced Boots Latex

Feels like ages since we featured some Immerschoen fetishwear, but Nici and Gismo are still hard at work, creating beautiful shiny clothing ;)

We visited the store a while back and the Mesh Overknee Laced Boots totally grabbed lelo. We looked around a bit for something matching in pvc and laces, and found the Zara Catsuit. Tada! ;)

Immerschoen shine is very good, unmistakable PVC. The boots feature a platform and high stiletto heel, and very detailed mesh laces over a great texture - you see the indents of the laces in the material. They’re even laced up the back!

Note the “Latex” tag on the boots, because Immerschoen has a ton of them - even a bunch in denim textures, recently.

So if inexpensive, good-looking PVC is what you’re looking for, drop by Nici and Gismo’s big, beautiful store, you’ll find a lot to like there.

High time for something shiny from Vienna tonight in the form of a catsuit and overknee boots by Immerschoen.

The catsuit comes in good old cloth layer, consisting of pants, jacket, gloves and stockings, you also get a prim collar hiding the always troublesome neck line.

Sadly the smoked latex inserts are part of the jacket so you can’t play around with it.

The boots really caught my eye, i love those hidden platforms and the heels are pretty much lethal, which is good in my book.

The lacing back and front would be a horror in RL, a good reason of having your own bootslave. *winks*

They come in 5 sizes from XS to XL, I’m wearing the M so they are a bit big as i’m usually wearing L.

Give Immerschoen a look, they have a wide range of low priced, high quality clothing.

Name : Immerschoen
Owner : Gismo Rhode and nici Sewell

Quality8 8
Price9 8
Service9 8
Store9 8

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PsiCorp - HG1 Gasmask

The third (and currently final) WildGasmask from PsiCorp is the horse head gasmask, HG1.

This is a large and impressive mask, whether you wear it with the tubes or without.

I like the big eyes and ears. This is a mask that really changes a pony’s silhouette so that they’re visibly pony-like even from a distance.

Make sure you see the RL store making these things. Here’s the direct link to the horse head mask:

Oddly, I didn’t find the vendor next to the other two at the PsiCorp store, but I enquired with Psistorm - I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime here’s the Marketplace link to the two-color BigPack :

Tonight's item is another WildGasmask by Psistorm from PsiCorp which should be popular for the ponyplay crowd.

As it is a well-shaped horse head and it seems that this is getting more popular among the ponies in SL, just have a look in the stable at Stone n’Rubber.

The mask comes in two colors, white and black. Both can be worn with a full hood or straps behind the head.

They are sold separately or you’ll get a nice 200 L$ saving when you go for the big(ish) pack.

The hoses can be added to the mask as a separate object, making the look much more hardcore.

As with the other two masks by PsiCorp you can use the menu to change the color, shine and opacity of the eyes and can you turn the breathing on and off.

Name : PsiCorp
Owner : Psistorm Ikura

Quality8 8
Price8 7
Service8 -
Store8 8

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Real Restraints - Body Harness

Marine’s latest release is a classic, O-ring and leather Body Harness. Simple name, nice and clean product.

Part of the harness is fitted mesh: the vertical strap below the middle ring, to be precise.

The rest is non-rigged mesh, fairly easy to adjust. In fact, Marine gives detailed instructions on adjusting your harness one strap at a time. (That will produce a better fit than you see in our pics - our very short production time, sadly, will do that.)

There’s a ton of goodies in the harness, including a leash handle giver. There were a few small bugs in early releases - if you have them, read the details here and fiddle if you like, or simply visit one of Marine’s updaters.

Our colleague (or esteemed competition, if you like) Aria Warden did a nicely detailed review, as she usually does. Do visit her blog and have a look!

Miss RLV, Marine Kelley, for those who have been living in a dark dungeon for the last years, has come out with a new harness.

Coming from Marine you are assured of the usual RLV abilities and follows the script layout we have come to know for years now.

The new features are that the harness is making use of the latest fitted mesh for part of the harness.

This part works great, adjusting the standard rigged parts to it takes a bit more work, Marine has chosen this way of working to give you the ability to adjust the upper part to lolas or tight corsets.

The second new feature is the fact that you can adjust tint and the pattern on the harness.

There are 35 preset colors, but you also get the option to enter the RGB code of your own favorite color.

With pattern you can add seams, studs or text to you harness, always with the option to interchange the background and text color.

So in all a very nice harness that should match any outfit you have, just plan some time to adjust it perfectly to your body.

Name : Real Restraints
Owner : Marine Kelley

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service9 9
Store8 8

Monday, March 17, 2014

We Upgraded To The Latest Firestorm

June 2013 saw us move from Phoenix to Firestorm as the new Server Side Baking made Phoenix unusable.

Adventurous early adopters (whom I privately refer to as “unpaid beta testers”) have since then jumped on the Firestorm Beta for the lovely materials and assorted new features. Good for them, but we left that one alone.

The Firestorm team released (to the wild!) the new version,, on March 12th and we installed it on March 15th - nobody can say we’re lagging behind this time!

So for the last three days lelo and I have been enjoying the new Firestorm. In for a penny, in for a pound, we went for the 64bit version.

Once again, the word is all good. Very fast everything: rezzing, teleports, inventory - this may be the HTTP network improvements mentioned on the Firestorm viewer blog .

Materials, of course, was the one big thing we were waiting for. All I can say is “ooo, shiny!” ;) Steph gave a gentle chuckle as I was finally able to see DeVicious leather glisten properly.

The lighting issue also seems to be gone. Facelights had turned into 500-watt flood lamps in the previous FS, but that resolved itself with this upgrade.

Backing up settings, removing everything and doing a clean install, then restoring settings meant I didn’t wrestle with the same configuration questions I hit in June.

The new FS did poke me to get the latest NVIDIA driver - I’m a late adopter there too. So, all good - call it spring cleaning.

Liquid mesh is also included in this release, and we already have designers calling us privately with liquid mesh items.

We’re guessing this version will spread fast (although not quite the way the sudden death of Phoenix forced everyone to migrate) but with its great new features (and some terrific UI cleanup I won’t itemize to avoid boring you) we’ll certainly encourage anyone to upgrade.