Monday, March 31, 2014

SLFF Blog Closing Today

The timing may make some wonder, but it’s no joke. After five years and 1400 posts, we’re closing the SL Fetish Fashion Blog.

The posts will stay here - I feel this is a valuable reference even if we don’t add any more to it.

But over the last few months, we started feeling a bit of fatigue, and even some discouragement at how difficult it has gotten to get cooperation from designers.

The daily posts took us about an hour; cheerfully given time, never regretted.

But the amount of time shopping, calling designers, getting no replies where a simple “no thanks” would have let us plan to get something else.. it all built up to this.

We had a wonderful time, made some excellent friends, saw some delightful creations.

Now we’ll take time to enjoy them a bit more :)

We’re still around, don’t hesitate to call.

One project that we have is to share our thoughts about what we learned about doing business in Second Life.

I was thinking of opening a separate blog and pointing to it, but lelo very correctly points out that we can just add those here, with a suitable label.

So do keep an eye on this spot for advice on selling in SL, with a particular emphasis on marketing. And, you know, dealing with bloggers ;)

Thank you for reading us faithfully all these years. We’ll treasure every one of your thank you’s and well-done’s, and meeting readers in-world was always a treat.

Deirdre and lelo


  1. "The timing may make some wonder, but it’s no joke." Sorry, I thought that was clear. April or no, we will no longer be publishing reviews.

  2. I found this blog not so long ago and it really helped me to find several items that improved my joy of SL. I really am sad that you not be posting anymore but I accept it and all that I shall do right now is thank you both for all you done, for all you shared. Once again thank you.

  3. I might not have been the most fanatic of readers, but I regularly looked to see what you had found, and will miss it if you never update again. The frenetic pace of updates you've kept has been fantastic, but must have been wearying, and you deserve to have time off along the way. Still, I'm hoping you'll post something once in a while to .. for example if you find a new maker that others will be interested in, even if you don't actually review anything. But if not, thanks for the good years :)

  4. Thank you for your dedicated service over all these years. Blogging myself I can imagine how hard it is to keep up your pace (one entry every weekday). And I got so many inspirations looking at your blog regularly.Thank you for that. For sure you also boosted the sales for some of the designers who had the honor to be presented by you. But as so often in life it is valued when it's gone. I hope that you can continue having fun in SL, and now even without the self enacted pressure of writing. But surely you will also miss it.
    Thanks again and .... see you inworld!

  5. I just wanted to say thank you for all the useful things you have brought to my attention through this blog. I have enjoyed reading it very much but I can imagine how time consuming and frustrating it must have been at times for you. Good luck in SL and have even more fun now that you have more time for yourselves.

  6. I will miss you guys! Designers will notice a hit to their sales and when they wonder why you can point to this comment. =( Love, Lady Ling

  7. I miss you guys so much. Reading this blog was a daily activity and now you are gone :( I wish the very best for you both and thank you forr all you did here. This blog was invaluable.

  8. Well, at least my SL expenditures will drop! Honestly, reading your blog has been an almost daily activity for me as well and I cannot count the number of times I have teleported straight to a store and made a purchase after seeing a designer's item in your post. I will truly miss having it as a fun reference and news source.

    I shall still expect to see the two of you around and will look forward to what you do next.

    Latex Lady

  9. Oh même si je ne venais pas régulièrement sur le blog, vous allez me manquer ! Vous étiez une magnifique référence dans le monde SL/SM sniff
    Good wind for our precious girls !

  10. SIgh, I still check in here at least once a week hoping the closing of the blog was a bad dream.

  11. Will miss you :(

    Yours blog was one of my favorite SL blogs... Not sure where now I will be able to get to know what good new SL Fetish stuff comes out :(

  12. Very sorry to hear that! I have been getting tons of inspiration from
    your blog, for new products and sales ideas. Hope to read from you
    again some time soon!

    Alexander Larsson, at, fetisch mode