Friday, April 24, 2009

Seale Sisters - Nipple Clamps

Deirdre :
When we first started this blog, we considered putting an adult rating on it, and decided not to. We'll be covering boots and latex catsuits - shouldn't shock anyone, right?

Well, today we go with something mildly non-PG : nipple clamps. See, you could stop reading right here. Still with me?

Seale Sisters is a new store, and they are friends of a good friend, so I said heck. This is exactly the fun, original stuff we intended to cover.

I'll let lelo describe in detail, but basically this is a feature-filled little toy, and you should have hours of interesting exploration with it... enjoy ;)

Time for a toy, we haven't had one in a while and this one is quite painful, presenting the Seale sisters Nipple clamps.

The prim work is simple, but then what RL nipple clamp are a masterful piece of engineering?

I love the look of the chain, and the chain is the part that makes the clamps interesting.

In the menu gives you the option to leash the chain to every prim close by, including prim clothing, you just have to drop the leash script into it.

The menu also offers you some play options, in which you can for instance put some heat, electricity or vibration on the clamps, sadly you only get a short line in chat and no animations.

Finally the menu offers a public/private setting for the clamps and a color/position option.

Nice little toy, i guess it will keep you busy for hours, chaining the nipple clamps to everything with in 5 meters, leashing slaves together is a very fun option.

Name: Seale Sisters
Owner: Summer Seale & Winter Seale


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