Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AW Designs - LaceX and StraX

We hadn’t featured AW Designs in much too long. Visiting her store, I was reminded of how distinctive Adrina’s work is.

She was kind enough to show us around, and I really liked her latest designs.

I’m wearing LaceX in black for the front view, and in Venitian Red for the rear.

Lelo is wearing StraX in Gold (front view) and Pink (rear view).

The splash of color makes a huge difference, and while most of my wardrobe is not black by accident, I do appreciate the variety color adds. All AW Designs are available in a wide range of color accents.

LaceX comes in a good number of layers, so you can mix and match with solid colors (a catsuit, say).

Applicators are included for the eCorp, Lolas and Implant Nation universal implants. We’re seeing more designers paying attention to implants lately. Looks like a trend to me!

The prim skirt is fun. I nearly skipped it, but once resized (a moment’s work with the included script), it looks good. As lelo says, it makes the outfit.

Ok seems our Swedish designer has found her way into the world of the extreme breast implants.

The new outfits come with installers for eCorps, Lola and IN universal. The people who came up with this system should work on the new spaceshuttle. *winks*

The Strax comes with 20 parts, 9 cloth layer and 11 prim parts. The prim belts add a extra dimension to the outfit.

All prim parts come scripted with resize, RLV lock and shininess options.

Only problem with the leg belts is that they make wearing boots quite difficult with most boots attaching to the lower legs as well.

You get an option to open the little cover in the crotch - as usual we didn’t even if its a little bit too high for anything of interest to show.

The prim collar comes in two positions, chest or spine depending on the Implants you wear, she is considerate.

So great new option for all you big breasted girls out there...

Name : AW Designs
Owner : Adrina Welders


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