Friday, July 8, 2011

Xaara - Where dreams Come True (Revisited)

On returning for last weeks sneak peak, I learned much more about Xaara, which in my opinion merited a further mention.

Not least of which was the most happy news that the area around Xaara stretches to 3 sims, all open to ponies, and in fact, with the exception of the small stable area outside the chateau, and the stable area in the chateau courtyard itself, the other 2 sims are almost totally designed with pony play in mind.

On landing at the landmark, you will find yourself in what can best be described as the town shopping area, with shops to the south and west of your landing position.

North finds a gondola and waterways, perfect for a non pony romantic gondola ride with your sweetie. Going east takes you to the main area with art studios and the, an really only describe it as an entertainment area, with rlv devices lad out in a “story of O” based concept.

Following the handy signs will lead you to the stable and chateau by heading south and then east and up the hill. Just walking to the chateau takes you past some well designed scenery and cuddle places, most of which are out of the way enough to maintain an air of privacy if desired.

The main stable are just north of the chateau, but entering the courtyard does find you with another indoor stable as well. Passing through and keeping south takes you back down a hill to a bridge over into the 2nd sim.

The sim crossings wasn't to painful on my early visits, even in full pony tack and while hitched to a cart, so with luck, that remains to be the case allowing for a more varied and interesting ride. Once in the “Deep Blue” sim, there is much to explore and fin,d including a beach area with great surf there too, dance balls tucked in the middle of a forest, and of course, the bridges to the 3rd sim to name just a few.

Best to follow the path south to the end, and then east to find the bridge to the next island. The third island has its own stable and pony area, cart rezzer and hitching posts, and lots of paths to explore.

Best described as a vacation resort, particularly with ponyplay and Story of O themes at the forefront, with vacation homes for short term rental, this Xaara, and neighbouring sims should keep many of you happy for some time.

Be sure to pay a visit soon. I am sure you will enjoy it.


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