Monday, January 21, 2013

KaS - Mesh Catsuit

Smooth. Smooooooth :) KaS’s new mesh catsuit is just a joy to move your eyes over.

KaS is not the loudest advertiser, or the most active Marketplace user. Salid just works quietly, cranking out amazing content at her little store now and then, setting the bar for every other designer... and possibly chuckling to herself ;)

The catsuit is in parts, allowing you a number of good options.. and looking as closely and critically as I can, for the life of me I can’t see the joints. Very cool.

For fun (and experimental and practical reasons, of course) I tried on my black latex Bax Prestige boots over the catsuit, and they fit like a glove.

I’m wearing the Small version, and there are two smaller ones, XS and XXS. If you need smaller, and this is me saying this, someone needs to get you a sammich.

A note for Phoenix users, lelo and I both experienced crashes while editing worn prim clothing with the catsuit on. I’m not enough of a scientist to try it a few more times on purpose, but it sure looks like mesh comes at a price in old viewers.

Some lovely mesh from my favorite corset maker, in SL, Salid from KaS made a great looking all meshy catsuit.

Though as with her mesh dress, this is a catsuit system, giving you quite a few options.

You can select: high and low collar, with or without gloves and bare feet or pumps. Like i said it’s a system. *smiles*

You get 5 sizes and one corset size in separate boxes, try the demo in the store for the right size, but if all fails, Salid also includes a special shape in the box.

You’ll also find a HUD in the box giving you the a choice of 23 textured colors, with a choice of the part you want to color, next to that you can also set the glow.

The HUD can control all colorable KaS items, one HUD to rule them all.. *winks*

Name : KaS
The owner : Salid Sewell

Quality9 9
Price9 8

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  1. Sorry to say, but phoenix is dead.
    You must really go forwad and try singularity (they released a new version just yesterday) or a v3 fui viewer
    I use Niran's, if you have the right hardware, its by far, the best graphics viwer and that makes Sl looks amzing!