Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T and T - Posture Collar and Bra

Astute readers of this blog will probably have noticed that while we cover RLV items, I don’t dwell on them in too much detail.

The fact is that we don’t use the RL viewer. While I love lelo bound, gagged, and generally covered in enough bondage gear to elicit sympathetic (and admirative!) comments from many dommes we meet, the bane-isolation-cage thing is not for me.

I prefer lelo able to serve me and talk to me, rather than having her unable to follow conversations or to see anything.

This said, a good toy full of neat bondage poses and accessories is nothing I sneer at.

And the more spectacular aspects of the new T&T belt are fun enough that lelo will be getting more “Tsk tsk.. poor thing, she won’t be getting out of *that* by herself” and “Wow.. your pet is gorgeous, Miss!” in the coming weeks ;)

Over a year ago we reported about the T&T belt and we thought it was time to feature it again.

First reason to feature the belt are all the new add-on’s they have introduced over the last year;

These include new textures so you can adjust the look of the belt to you own style.

There are also quite a few extra control options, like teleport control, stimulation control, remote control... to name a few.. like there weren’t enough options in the belt already. *winks*

Finally there is the long awaited bra and our favorite, the posture collar, as shown in the pictures.

The one thing that really impressed me the most was the updates i needed to bring the belt we had gotten over a year ago up to date.

It was a V2.04 and i’m now up to V 5.04, took a few minutes and it was amazing to see how much scripts were updated even going from V5.02 to V5.04, these people don’t kid around.

Back to the posture collar, i love collars like that and the added yoke only makes it better, it’s fully controlled by the belt and the yoke needs cuffs to work, i do love their way of thinking. *smiles*

As you can imagine all items are RLV compatible and as Mistress says we’re not into that, so when we mentioned that to Lullala she pointed out the “no RLV” option of the belt, cutting start up time of the belt by that is taking care of your customers. *smiles*

Ohh.. final quick note.. male version of the belt is also available.

Name : S&M Design Castle
Owner : Lullala Lane & the T&T team.


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  1. Lovely review as always, T&T make indeed some excellent stuff. Although I do think that your statement about the RLV viewer is a little bit off.

    Granted while "bane-isolation-cage" play is one of the uses, the use of the RLV viewer an its functions are about as creative as you allow yourself to be, and will not impede anyone serving their Mistress in whatever way they desire.

    just my 2pence.