Wednesday, February 25, 2009

T and T : Obedience Belt

No, it's not a thong from the future.. it's a chastity belt.

With features that require a bit of reading ( I won't exaggerate and say a doctorate in nuclear physics, you know it's not my style. )

We've seen our share of collars over the months. Seems a lot of folks are making them.

I like the idea of open source scripting and cooperative development on slave gear - it strikes me as a little bit weird, but in a cool way.

And I still think the back looks suspiciously like brazilian butt-floss.

What do you get when you let a group of switches design a restrictive collar, introducing the T&T obedience belt.

Yes you read it right, this is a group effort and it shows, good scripting, very nice prim work and an excellent marketing idea.

But the thing that is most noticeable is the idea behind the belt, introduce some "freedom" while still keeping restrained.

The owner of the belt is listed in a note card and this owner can decide the amount of "freedom" the sub gets.

So this way others can use the belt, but the original owner still stays in control.

The look is great, someone really put some time in building this belt and it has a great fit.

The scripting is solid, takes a bit of getting used to at first, but i guess that's to be expected.

It offers everything you would expect from a modern RLV enabled collar, one little thing i like it the option to connect the leash to any of the leash points on the belt.

So stop reading, use the slurl and try the demo that's available at the castle, i'm sure you'll love it.

Name :
S&M Design Castle
Owner : Lullala Lane & the T&T team.
The New SLURL (changed 26 march 2010) :



  1. I only have two complaints about the T&T belt. The first is a minor issue: They don't have a male version. The second can be more problematic: The belt is so heavily scripted that it can cause problems with teleporting. This isn't really the fault of the T&T belt, it's a SecondLife bug, but it unfortunately has caused me to put the belt on a shelf, waiting for the day I can put it back on.

    It's an excellent belt otherwise, and though Deirdre didn't rate their service, I'll say this: When I had an issue, the response was immediate, knowledgeable, friendly and went way beyond just dealing with the issue at hand.

  2. Besides, the male version, we know, as we have a lot of requests about it, and, it´s in work with the version 3.0.

    So i think the Male version will be avaible soon, as it looks strange if you insert a male sub a dildo;)

    The Teleport Issue, we still work all the time, to get the scripts smarter and lower them, we also were in contact with Linden Labs about the problem, to reach the Sim Sadenia, the mainstore, and seams now, since about 2 days, Linden was able to solve this problem.

    Just to keep you informed