Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Armidi Gisaci : Kyoto Boots

From a distance, those boots look very good. From up close, they look amazing ;) By that, I mean that the texture is gorgeous, but subtle. You only notice it if you zoom right in.

The shape of the foot, the folds, the heels, the straps... all give the feel of fine (read expensive) Italian leather boots.

You'll want to take a moment to adjust the upper part (lower, rotate, move forward or back to taste). Your reward : awesome fit.

Armidi's beautiful stores cover the entire sim, and look like I imagine a posh Rome shopping neighborhood would.

The landing zone is fixed : you arrive facing Armidi Beauty. The boots are inside the first door behind you, on your left.. walk past the purses and turn right.

Those boots are not cheap, but you get a lot with your purchase : a large and small version - the small actually fits me well - and both of them come with or without "conceal", a thin invisible prim around the upper, for extra tight fit on curvier calves.

Great boots, like Mistress says they have a distinct Italian look, good fashion boots, they miss a real fetish look but are great for a "normal" shopping trip.

Have a look at the sim, no matter how well you dress somehow you feel underdressed there, lovely place just misses a little cafe to enjoy a nice cappuccino.

Name : Armidi Gisaci
Owner : Lola Marquez
The Web site :


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