Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wardoom: XXL fetish red

There's only one word to describe those boots : Gorgeous. The texture, the shine, the shape, the details.. all top-notch. The rich red in this model will catch the eye of anyone looking in your direction from 50 meters away.

The lacing is so detailed, I don't even want to think how many hours it took to make.

Note the new location of the store - I'm changing our other Wardoom posts to reflect it.

Well we had this one coming, we just had to do the XXL fetish boots from Wardoom, and for a change not the black ones.

You just have to love the care and attention they paid to the look of these boots, Tanja (the designer of Wardoom) told us that she had to be stopped adding more and more details.

The boots have the same pointy nose as the ones we reviewed a couple of weeks ago, still seem too pointy to me.

But then, there is the thing i would have loved in the short ones: a locking script. Tanja tells me she might make a update for the short ones.

The scripting looks solid, it has an owner system, locking/leashing and some standard poses including a nice little boot worship couples pose.

When the boots are locked, small locks appear and two chains between the boots, there is a selflock option in the menu, but really who likes to do that *winks*

They still look too Domme to me, but you just have to love the look of them, a definite must have.

Name : WarDooM
Owner : WarDooM Voom


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