Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guest Blogger Ophelia Hax : Rubber Kittens SlaveDoll

Some time ago Mistress felt a certain desire for a tightly restrained doll. Rubber Kittens and the Rubber Lab offered just what Mistress wanted: SlaveDoll. The outfit covers a doll completely in nice black rubber with purple accents. Yes purple ... not my favorite, but red is reserved for MistressDolls.

The black skin is needed so that your real skin does not peek out under the gasmask hood. There are nice boots and globe mitts to keep the doll from touching. There is also a neat rubber hair piece.

The most interesting part is of course the hood, a gasmask really. Mistress can choose the filter I have to use. None or regular when she feels nice, one or two hoses ... or the rebreather when she feels evil.

Unfortunately the hoses sometimes go into the doll's body depending on the pose. And Yes, you can switch the breathing sound on and off.

A masked doll cannot just talk, right? Her only chance is to speak through the built-in SlaveDoll speak. The speaker will use the embarrassing name Mistress chooses for her doll.

Mistress can set the color of the lens. This will of course affect the way doll sees through the gas mask in mouselook, which can be forced upon doll. In my case the world turns purple - the small area that was still visible from inside the mask. And yes, the lens can be turned black.

After Mistress locked her doll, a timer feature will give slavedoll some hope that she may be released eventually.

Overall: the look is quite extreme - and the speak system is cute. I only wish it would have RLV support.

The name : Rubber Kittens

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  1. It should be fairly straightforward to add RLV functions to this outfit using the Open Collar standards now in a ferment of development.

    I've used it to create two collars so far, and others are developing a number of RLV enabled capture and enslavement toys.