Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year from Bora Bora

Happy New Year to all our readers, from lelo and myself in Bora Bora, our favorite beach spot in SL.

We hope you will have a wonderful new year in Second Life, and that you will continue to enjoy our posts.

We'll keep bringing you good pics and reviews, looking for more good designers and good clothes and toys.

We definitely want to continue posting daily - although it's sometimes more work than we first thought.
"Ha, this will take five minutes!"
Well, it turns out that it doesn't ;)

We'll be introducing new models and guest-written posts, as some of our friends are pretty savvy shoppers.

We'll continue our coverage of Perversion Island as it grows and develops... including our own club, Bitch Goddess.

We also want to add links to other SL-fetish related blogs. If you have one, or know some, do get in touch with us.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Deirdre and lelo

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