Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KDC : Needle ballets version 2.0

Deirdre :
There goes my reputation for cruelty again ;)

"Oh, poor lelo.. is she being punished? Wow, what did she do?"

No, no. She loves all of it. And I love seeing her dressed that way, obviously.

Those ballets are as extreme as it gets, I think. And I'm a sucker for straps and buckles and spikes, so what's not to love?

Do drop by the store; science-fiction fans will be thrilled.

lelo :
The new and improved version of the wickedest shoes in SL.

Even the box is a little work of art, it comes in a plain brown box that opens when you first rezz it and reveals the shoebox inside.

I used to own the original version, but as it didn't have the fixed feet script you usually walked with broken ankles.

But all that is gone with this new version, no odd angled feet any more.

These truly are the most painful ballets i have/know, impossible in RL, looking amazing in SL.

The look is great, i just love those belts and spikes, the heel could have used some more work, but they work like this.

Only thing missing is a locking script but they can be picked up all over SL.

Name : KDC
Owner : Kyrah Abattoir



  1. Lelo looks soooo good in bondage..i think Your simply NOT cruel enough Deidre *grins* Those boots are looking really strict, will definatly be going get a pair when i can.


  2. I have been enjoying the needle ballets for several years. You provide a required service to SL - real equipment for the connoisseur!