Friday, May 22, 2009

Pony Etiquette

Our lovely pony model :
Annelies Fratica
One thing to remember in pony play, is it is generally considered incorrect to talk in public chat if your bit is fitted, and in some sims, could get the pony punished.

Once the bridle and bit are fitted, there should be no public chat. Communication is in the form of hoof or foot stomps, whinnies, and body language.

This is where a pony can emote to try to convey a message, though should try to refrain from "ponypathy" - thinking their thoughts aloud in such a way it might as well be talking normally.

Flying is also a no-no. Changing in or out of tack on your own, and not in a stall, is also something to avoid doing.

Ponies have hooves, not hands, so opening doors or gates is not something you should do either, so be warned.

Ponies generally will be given sugar or fruit as treats, remember, a whole apple might be tricky to bite into if you still have your bit fitted. And let's not forget that you won't be able to hold it either.

Obviously, some sims are more relaxed on these rules than others but if you plan to be a good pony, you should bear these facts in mind.

You ever try to undo a zipper when wearing hooves on your hands? Or unlocking and unbuckling a harness strap? If you are correctly tacked up, then you simply won't be able to.

Whilst ponies are considered submissives, they are not usually required to kneel at their owner's feet like other submissives or slaves. Ponies will generally stand most if not all of the time, and so if your reins are held by an owner or trainer, the pony should stand just behind the rein holder, waiting to be led around.

Similarly, trainers or even curious bystanders should avoid using a whip as anything more than an accessory. Whilst some ponies might crave the touch of a crop, common decency and respect should be used.

Ponies are curious animals, but also tend to be rather skittish creatures, and not usually keen to be mauled by strangers.

That said, have some sugar or apple slices handy, offer it to the pony, and let the pony come to you before attempting even to stroke their mane.

They will appreciate the thought, and patience, and perhaps that will enable you to build some rapport with pony.

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