Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Squeaky Rubber - xWave Swimsuit IceBlue


A lovely and original swimsuit from Squeaky Rubber, this is the xWAVE.

It's more than just a swimsuit, to be fair. It comes with gloves and stockings - and if you wear those to go swimming, call me over sometime ;)

There is also a cool twist included in the box : dry and wet versions! The wet is droplet-splattered, and in a slightly brighter tint than the dry version.

Both are available as underwear and pants-shirt layers. There is also a little net skirt for your apr├Ęs-swim lounging ;)

The swimsuit comes in: purple, red, green, black, pink, white, blue and iceblue (worn here).

Elisa will make any color on request, and will also do monograms or other custom work - so long as she's not swamped, she says.

Request the custom work before purchasing, though!

One of our friends told us about this new latex designer she found and gave us a SLURL to the shop.

When we arrived at the shop there was a single vendor and a SLURL giver behind it.

The clothes we saw were quite good so we contacted Elisa, luckily she was on.

She tp'ed us to the real store, which was in a sky box above where we were standing.

Never occurred to us to take a LM from the giver, the collections she has in the store is very fresh and of good quality.

The SLURL we included should take you to the sky-box. *smiles*

Name : Squeaky Rubber
Owner : Elisa Kumaki


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