Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Storm Schmooz - Overknee Black

An excellent pair of shiny thigh boots from Storm Schooz. Once again, a happy surprise, small and large calf and overknee parts.

The store has excellent shoes, and we nearly missed those boots, tucked in a corner of the store.

The shine texture is really great in front and on the sides, but the back is bit dark.

The foot shape is original, and the heel is sharp. The boots are also available in a very good snake print, which makes a much lighter boot, almost silver-looking.

Think Storm put a snake on his scanner? ;)

Do have a look at the elegant shoes when you visit the store.

We saw shoes by Strom a while back, but put them in our have to check that store out list.

When we finally got around to look at the store we found he also makes good looking boots like these.

Our idea of covering his shoes went right out of the window and we got these instead.

Ooh, when you get to the store the boots are in the little annex to the right.

Give his shoes a look, they got us interested in the first place and they are very nicely done.

Name : L'Atelier Storm Schmooz
Owner : Storm Schmooz


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  1. Wow, i really love those boots. Have to admit, after my usual round of emails, i totally love coming here to see what is new, you guys have some really GOOD taste and it's always fun seeing your blog. I love the new ponygirl articles too! One of my favorite activities as a Trainer.