Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DaKoira Cao - Black Kamini

A neat steel ring and latex outfit from DaKoira Cao, this is Black Kamini. There is also a version in red.

The ring mesh is very good, either alone or over the included latex bra.

The panties are open in front - definitely a no-no for non-mature sims, even worn with the included latex pants.

The store is an unpretentious rustic skybox, and I suggest you visit it soon, if you want to take advantage of this cool sale.

In the words of DaKoira himself :

"To celebrate the launch of my new line of latex, I will put 1 of my new line of latex on sale with 50% off.

I won't tell you which one is on sale or on which day, so check back often and grab your favorite outfit for a great price!

Just look for the Dakoira Design logo and click to check the price"

Nice little six part outfit, more revealing than PG would allow.

The black has the shine of thick rubber and goes great with the steel mesh body.

The latex bra is an option, just in case you want to reveal some more, great use of layers here.

The latex pants are a bit simple but i love the work he did on the tops of the stockings.

Nice sexy little number, this one will snap some necks for sure. *winks*

Name :
DaKoira Cao
Owner : Dakoira Cao


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