Wednesday, July 8, 2009

N-Core - SHARK

Some fancy sandals with prim toes from N-Core, these are the Shark model, maybe named for the cool rows of tiny spikes - they look like shark's teeth to me.

The heel is wicked, like the rest of the N-Core shoes, and the prim work is astonishingly good.

(A quick note : we get a prim display bug when zooming in, so there are no missing spikes or bits of chain - it's just our "camera". Linden Labs is doing their best, Linden Labs is doing their best...)

When you visit the store, make sure to stop at the counter in the shoe section (at your right when facing in) and pick up the freebie gifts.

You'll have to join the group to get them, but getting notices about excellent shoes and boots isn't a fate worse than death.

There are more on the second floor : freebies, dollarbies, and cheapies. Someone at N-Core clearly understands SL marketing ;)

I really like the way they hide your foot and replace it with a full prim foot/shoe, even if it's a bit prim heavy (200 prims per shoe).

The menu on these is even more impressive than the one in the Stylus shoes.

You can control the color of the most parts of the shoes, including the heel, sole, and the shoe itself.

You get 8 colors for the shoes, two blues, yellow, white, orange, pink, black and the red shown here.

The accessories, like the ring, ankle chain and spikes can be turned off and on and you can change their color.

The skin color can be changed with the HUD but once again in my case the preset worked fine.

The HUD has been improved giving you quick access to all the shoe options.

Name : N-Core
Owner : Claire Messenger & nuria Augapfel


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