Friday, July 31, 2009


A pony friend of mine, during a brief spell when I was able to talk to her, was venting a little about what is known in the pony circles as "ponypathy".

This is a term coined from ponies using "telepathy" to think what they are saying, or to put it another way, talking via emoting.

"Pony thinks she wants to go and jump some steeples" is an example of this.

In most pony circles, such an act of telepathic communication is not considered acceptable, although there are times when many ponies will resort to it.

I have done it on occasion, I am ashamed to admit.

So, for the record, I want to ask any ponies reading this to try just that little bit harder to dig deep and be creative.

If you are fitted with a bit, you would not be able to talk, and I am sure that at least most, if not all ponies, really are not telepathic.

Why not try a little harder to emote, use body language and try to let your feelings be known without taking the easy route?

"Pony stomps her hoof, shaking her head wildly, pulling at her reins" is one way to let your handler know something does not sit well with you.

An observant and capable handler would then ask the pony a series of questions, to which the yes or no hoof stomps will eventually get the message across.

It also enables the pony to not break character. And if all else fails, there is always IM. Then, as a last resort, perhaps ponypathy or butting your head against a brick wall.

So come on ponies! Work just a little bit harder to be creative with your emotes and make the experience just that little bit more real. Please?

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