Friday, July 10, 2009

Tack Essentials : Harness

Whilst a harness is not actually a mandatory part of a pony's tack, it is advised to have at least one.

This allows the hitching of a cart much more easily, and also provides the pony with support and prevents outright nudity, without really covering too much flesh.

There are a vast number of harnesses to be found in Second Life, ranging from as little as L$50 for a clothing layer one, to several hundred L$ for all singing, all dancing scripted prim harnesses.

One word of warning with prim harnesses, they are designed with a body shape that you will most likely find is not even close to your own.

This means a lot of editing of the harness to get it to fit nicely.

Worth the effort if you are happy to try, though I have to admit, I find it less stressful and less damaging to my manicure to get it fitted professionally, even if it means paying extra.

I would advise to take your time before choosing a harness.

As i said before, it is not essential, though it is certainly worth investing in one.

A quick search for "harness" should keep you busy for a while trying to decide on style, function and whether to use those valuable prim attachment points or opt for a clothing layer one.

One of the advantages of a clothing layer harness is being able to wear nipple rings, your collar, tail and perhaps a chastity belt or plug of some kind, yet still look stunning in your tack.

Prim harnesses however can allow more control over the pony - so you have a decision to make - or simply get one of each.

Or more :) After all, that's what the shops are there for and by putting both types into your RLV shared folder, your tack presents options to your owner or trainer.

A catsuit, preferably latex, is also a good purchase whilst we are on this subject.

This provides modesty covering for the pony when visiting places where a nude pony may be either too tempting to the locals, or too naked - either way, it also helps to keep the pony warm in the winter months when out in the paddock.

These again range quite a lot in price and style, including hooded "skin layer" catsuits with closed or open face hoods, or partial open face.

The list of possibilities is endless.

Mesmerize Dungeon now offer a great harness and latex catsuit combo for L$600, so why not take a peek there?

Morbid Play also offer a good range of the prim harnesses, some of which include RLV locks and colour change options.

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