Friday, August 28, 2009

Pony Fun

After last week's post on rules, I thought I should emphasize how much fun pony play can be.

Real equines are playful, so why shouldn't a ponygirl be playful too?

For example, when taking the walk through the pony bath after a long run, I love to run and jump, splashing everyone nearby - including my trainer!

And on leaving the bath, I will shake tail and mane vigorously, soaking anyone close by.

If you have a follow cart, while walking or running, throw in a few jumps to shake things up for the passengers.

It's important that no matter how strict and rule based your play is, that you always enjoy what you are doing and make it fun.

There is no reason why a pony can't be seen playing with a ball, kicking it around a paddock.

Owners and trainers should always ensure the pony is healthy and not depressed.

Occasionally changing training exercises and locations will add variety and help keep things interesting, and in turn, fun.

I'd love to hear what other ponies and trainers do to keep the fun factor in ponyplay, and I'm sure others would love it too - leave it in a comment!

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