Friday, August 21, 2009

Right or Wrong?

One of the more difficult things in writing this column is maintaining a perspective.

Much of what I have written so far is my own personal opinion, based on my experiences and observations.

I have written here what I think may be useful to old and new ponies alike.

But I must express that what you have read here is simply a guide, from my own personal point of view.

There is no right or wrong way to be a pony.

Some are the more casual ponies, occasionally getting into tack to pull a cart, and others are full time ponies with owners.

For some, very little of what has been written in this column will be useful, for others, I hope, much of it will.

Some stables have very strict rules, where others are much more relaxed. How useful this guide is depends on how seriously you take your pony-play.

It is not my intent to tell anyone how to be a pony. That is for the pony's owner, trainer or caretaker to determine. I do not intend to set a standard to be used across SL.

My opinion is that the more natural and free flowing something is, the more fun it is.

And so my hope is that this guide helps new ponies to gain a better understanding of the pony-play scene, helps them to feel a little more comfortable the first time in tack.

I also hope that it helps those that would be trainers or owners to understand a little of what it is to be a pony, and just what a privilege is it to spend time with one.

Ultimately, it is a free realm of possibilities, and should be explored as fully as you are able.

If you disagree with anything I write here, I would welcome your comments to the benefit of all that read this to get another's perspective and thoughts.

And so, gentle reader, I now bid you farewell till next time.

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