Friday, September 11, 2009


Ok, so now you or your pony have researched and purchased your tack, and perhaps even had a little practise at slalom, steeple and carting. What should you do next?

Well, from my personal experience, the easiest, and perhaps one of the more fun elements for most ponies, is getting to grips with your own cart.

Rental ones are available on some of the pony sims, or a few left conveniently for the use of the passing ponies, but,your own personal cart is perhaps something to consider.

After all, why take a cab everywhere, if you have your own car?

Which cart is the best? There is no easy answer to that. All the carts available in SL offer something that more suits one, but not the next.

You need to work what kind of use your cart will get :

  • How many ponies are you going to have pulling it?
  • How many passengers?
  • Will you be keeping to flat roads, or venturing over rough terrain?
  • Do you require a cart that the pony "sits" on a poseball to pull, or do you want one that "follows" the pony?
  • Is speed or maneuverability your most essential requirement?
  • Do you want to be able to change the colour of the cart?
  • and perhaps most importantly of all, what is your budget?
Most of the carts will fit be around L$500, though there are more expensive ones.

And trainers or owners, why not get yourself a nice buggy whip to let your pony know where you want them to go?

Xcite offer a buggy whip which includes the whip crack commands, and Sensations offer a coach whip, although this does not include the commands.

Not to worry though, as there are a couple of steering Huds designed to offer you ease of commanding your pony.

Two such HUDs can be found in the tack shop at Frilly Filly Farm - including the one I had made specially to help with blindfold pony training.

One of the most important thing to check with any cart is is : it copy enabled?

I have lost more than one cart from a sim which was no copy, and that really annoys me.

You spend ages deciding on which cart to get, you forego that lovely new latex catsuit or formal gown, and get a cart.

Then, as you cross a sim border, the cart spins off into the nether regions of SL, never to reappear.

My advice is : if it isn't copyable, don't get it. No transfer is fine, even no mod, but no copy is just a risk you don't need to take.

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