Friday, September 4, 2009

Jodhpurs or Chaps?

So you now have your pony tacked up, but you can't really stand around a farm wearing a ballgown or designer dress, so, what to wear?

For just mucking around in the stables, or on the farm in general, a nice pair of jeans, some wellingtons or riding boots and a sports jacket or quilted vest are great.

Or for a more western or cowboy/girl feel, why not go with jeans, chaps, cowboy boots and a check shirt?

Perhaps the most traditional jodhpurs, blouse or shirt and hunting jacket are more your style? SL has them all.

By far the easiest place to get almost all your equestrian fashion from is E Watkins as mentioned previously.

Maison Broceliande has some excellent riding breeches for L$400.

Hoof It! also do a nice range of jodhpurs and other riding wear and they also stock a wonderful grooming kit, however, other places also have some fantastic items.

Or perhaps you like to race ponies, in which case, some jockey wear might be more tempting? Visit the Scotland shop's 6th floor.

Latex riding gear or for a strict trainer style, a Victorian riding habit?

Metronome do some wonderful jockey boots priced at L$350.

Adam and Eve store has some lovely plain riding boots in the bargain basement for just L$100.

Riding crops, perhaps a buggy or coach whip and a steering HUD are also an added bonus to enhance your ability to direct the pony.

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