Wednesday, September 2, 2009

KDC - Institutional Straitjacket with Leather Pack

lelo spotted this lovely straitjacket when we visited the gracious Lady Dorrian Tracy to take a picture of her pony for our Friday column two weeks back.

This is another recent item, and while there's nothing wrong with older work, I do enjoy having something with the new leather smell to show our readers ;)

The default texture is quite authentic and institutional - we know straitjacket devotees who love that - but you can buy a pack of excellent leather textures, and totally change the look as we did here.

It was good to be reminded of Kyrah's incredible sci-fi, supervillain lair-looking store.. I still remember how bewildered i was when I first visited it with lelo, many many months ago.

I think if you stand in the middle of the huge, spinning metal rings and the lightning hits you just right, you get super powers. Let me know, ok? ;)

Finally a new toy, it's been too long.. *winks*

Adjusting the straitjacket was pretty straightforward. A good tip in the readme file was to use the invisi prim to cover my somewhat larger chest.

Had to do it all over again after i noticed that it attached to my chest, where i keep my collar, but 5 minutes later it was properly fixed to my spine.

Installing the leather pack is easy, just drop the leather script into the jacket and you get the extra textures.

You can change the textures to match your play or costume, the canvas looks great and comes with a red, green, yellow and blue collar.

You can mix and match the belts as they are selected separately.

Still can't help myself, the black leather is my favorite, especially with the red stitching.

As you can expect from a toy like this, it is totally RLV compatible; a fun detail is that you can set who can lock and who can unlock it.

So hurry over and get your own at Kyrah's amazing store, i can promise you they are really uncomfortable. *smiles*

And while you are there get the needle ballets i'm wearing here, good luck with keeping upright.

Name : KDC
Owner : Kyrah Abattoir


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  1. Wow, KDC and new content? When did that happen last? It feels like a century ingame. Got to grab the wallet and go there sometime.