Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mesmerize Dungeon - Gasmask

A wild new design from Mesmerize Dungeon, called simply Gasmask. The name is the only thing that is plain about it, though.

The look varies from a plain gas mask with air filter, to the pretty kinky rebreather, to the outrageous and huge alien horns (not pictured, we'll leave you the surprise!).

The prims are detailed and attractive - the buckles at the back are a good example. And as lelo pointed out to me, they face the right way ;)

Texture is good, and the joint between the face and head pieces shows very nice attention to detail.

A great toy for the RLV fans and other assorted bondage bunnies of SL.

Another new toy in my collection, Mistress is spoiling me. *smiles*

As with the ballet boots from MD the scripting is solid and you get loads of options.

First of all you get the usual RLV options and i won't go into them here.

Then there are the look options, the spikes on the mask and collar can be turned on and off, there are a pair of alien horns.

You can choose a re-breather as shown, a filter or just the mask.

Most parts can be colored in the following colors: red, white, yellow, orange, pink. purple, blue, gray, green and black, luckily there is a "all" button.

Then there are the restricting options, speech can be garbled in 4 strictness levels, there is an alien mode (going with the horns i guess) in which only other gas-mask wearing people can hear you.

Your sight can be restricted with a HUD in 7 levels.

More than enough options to keep you busy for weeks if not months. *winks*

I would love to go on about all the options, but we want to keep these posts under 1 page of text, so better get your own mask and start exploring...

Name : Mesmerize Dungeon
Owner : Latexina Pinklady


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