Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creepys - Extreme Rubberslave Special Edition

We saw some of Creepy's remarkable heavy rubber creations during LFFW, and here's a good look at a recent one.

This is Extreme Rubberslave Special Edition - for those who thought the previous extreme rubberslave was too tame, apparently.

I'm only half joking. This version adds a ton of metal bondage gear... it's quite spectacular.

The pictures don't do it justice, but the ponytail moves in a pretty spectacular way.. I'm reminded of tentacles.

I doubt if there will be an Extra Special Edition.. there's no more room ;)

All kidding aside, a striking outfit. Drop by the store, it's worth a good long look.

For those of you who might have feared we were slowly drifting into a more fashion oriented blog, this one is for you. *smiles*

This must be the ultimate rubberslave outfit, just add your shape all the rest is in the box.

First thing you'll notice are the bound tits, very interesting look, much more severe looking than the usual giant breasts around SL.

The first scripted item is the blinder mask, which has a simple click open/close function and a owner list to restrict who can control it.

Then you might notice the breathing mask which has an attached breathing bag that includes breath-sound and -motion.

A set owner can lock the mask, adjust the breathing volume and start/stop breathing.

The big collar and the cuffs have a color change script, but you can always insert the free open collar scripts into them.

Finally there is the chastity belt with attached pee bag (hidden in these shots), once again there is an owner list and you can lock the belt and play with the pee bag.

The include boots are of a nice quality but totally overshadowed by all the other items.

Finally have a look at the included catsuit, it has an amazing look which you hardly notice with all the prim items over it.

So all you rubber lovers this is one you shouldn't be without.

Name : Creepy´s Fetish Wear
Owner : Sancho Watanabe


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