Tuesday, November 3, 2009

JB Gazov - Long Boots Round

Blogger gets very unhappy with special characters in post titles... so to clarify : the store name is J's, and the designer is JB Gazov.

The name is Long Boots Round. If you're detecting a minimalist theme here, you're not wrong.

These elegant leather boots are leg attached, like Wardoom's. This solves a number of problems, including poses with the horrible "broken ankle" effect.

A very good menu controls resizing, heel shape, and the cool side strap on the upper calf.

There are two invisi-prim feet to wear separate from the boot, along with the usual foot shape.

Then you take your pick from three calf sizes : M, L, and Wide. Standard enough.

But you get a bonus : a pair of truncated boots to wear with pants, so the prim part doesn't stick through.

Lovely boots, excellent detail, and even if they're more fashion than fetish, they work just fine with a bit of accessorizing.

Now these are the kind of non-fetish boots i love, anyone know where i can get a pair like these in RL, at this price. *winks*

This was one of those, "ohh... wow.. look at those boots..got to have them..", good thing SL has an inspect option.

The zipper and buckle on the inside leg look amazing and the leather texture is really good down to the stitching on it.

When using the ankle length boots remember to wear some stockings or the inside of you pants will be skin colored, ruining the effect.

I like it that JB includes these boots in the set as Mistress's usual trick of detaching the calf part under pants doesn't work in this case.

So for a pair of great leather boots hurry over to J's, and give the rest of his stock a good look, he's still kind of a secret.

Name : J's
Owner : JB Gazov


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