Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Latex Station - Victoriana

We haven't run Latex Station in a while, and they have a really good variety.

The store isn't the most intuitive layout in the second world, but we found Victoriana and it caught my eye.. grew on me.. then we got it ;)

Shopping is dangerous, I tell ya ;)

The white trim brings out this outfit, and the garters are really well made; this is how latex stretches in RL.

The reflections on the gloves are excellent.. these may become my favorites.

Good outfit, excellent price. Go, you can thank us later ;)

Another sexy outfit, this time from our friends at Latex Station, is this the beginning of a themed week?

The 5 part outfit has the usual good looking Latex Station shine and details.

Especially the garter tabs look great as does the zipper.

Chill made good use of the layers by putting the thong in the underwear layer giving you a rather naughty option. *winks*

I loved this one so much i bought Mistress a matching black one (her favorite color in case you hadn't noticed *smiles*), private use only... sorry no pictures of that one.

Ohh.. and it makes a great Christmas present at that price and with the transfer permission, so get an matching pair like we did.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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