Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spider Productions - Vicious Rider Black

This is one of these cool cases where following an item leads to a huge store of goodies.

I'm wearing the Vicious Rider Black leather jacket here.

The sleeves can be worn rolled up as I have it here, or down. Optional shoulder tab spikes are also included.

There are quite a few versions of this jacket at the store : several colors, and each in plain, or strapped (again, as shown here).

The jeans were included - they were really short, but a moment in edit appearance took care of that. Excellent texture, you'll note if you look closely.

The whole thing is mod + copy, so don't hesitate to experiment.. but make a copy first!

The jacket collar flips up with a cool animation, for you Arthur Fonzarelli fans... aaaayyy ;)

Well you might have noticed Mistress has a thing for leather clothing and especially leather jackets.

She just loves to ride bikes and wear the right clothes for that, if you are really nice we might show you a few pictures of that in the future. *smiles*

It's a pity we don't have much time for that, but wearing the jacket at least gives Her a bit of that feeling i guess.

This was one of those see it, want it, get it.. Spider helped us showing us what's new in his shop.

He's been designing since 2005, and the variety of items in the store is impressive.

His shop is very nice and caters to most groups in SL including furries, though you must like black, even his red outfits are very dark red.. well almost black. *winks*

Name : Spider Productions
Owner : Spider Carnot


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