Thursday, November 19, 2009

VvB Stiletto Heels - Five Platform Sandals

This is Viktoria's latest design, a lovely platform sandal simply called Five.

Don't worry, you won't miss it, it's the only sandal in the store ;)

The platform has a great shine, and the sandal sports VvB's excellent spike heel.

Viktoria's main store was the very first to host one of our inventions - by this I mean, I had a crazy idea, and lelo did all the work - called simply, the Blog Board.

My thought was this : there is little connection between SL and the Web.

So how do store visitors read the bloggers' reviews? An URL-giver is good, but limited if there's more than one review.

Enter the Blog Board. It works like a vendor, click the little pics to see the big pic, click the big pic to get the link to the blog.

We've placed it in a few stores, the reviews are good.. so, in phase two, we'll place it in as many stores as we can, and give it away to any blogger who wants it, for them to put their own reviews in the designers' stores.

Feedback really appreciated. Go see it in action at Vik's store ;)

Some very high heeled, what would you expect from Viktoria, sandals.

These are the best looking non-prim toe sandals i've ever seen in SL, so no problems when wearing stockings with these.

They offer the usual VvB interface, so you can control the sound and the color of your sandals.

There are 16 colors to choose from, we stuck to the usual black. *smiles*

Some great basic sandals, well basic for the extreme heel wearers, which shouldn't miss in any girls wardrobe.

Name : VvB Stiletto Heels
Owner : Viktoria Brandenburg


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