Thursday, December 3, 2009

WarDooM Shoes - Natalie Chained

lelo must have the best WarDoom boot collection in SL, and we just added a new model : Natalie Chained.

I don't know who poor Natalie is, but she keeps getting strapped and chained.. she must be some kind of masochist ;)

The front zipper is really good, and a little easier to see in this version.

Great pencil heel, amazing shine, and some fun functions I'll let lelo tell you about.

We danced for hours at the last WarDoom launch party - join the group to get notified, it's worth it!

Don't you just hate it when you have to choose between wearing boots or ankle cuffs, no problem with these new WarDooM boots.

These are the newest version of the Natalie boots, the name should tell you enough. *smiles*

Simply put the boots have all the functions of a collar imbeded in them, including some very nice poses.

The details on their boots are getting better and better have a look at the zipper it's a piece of art.

The cuffs only show when the boots are locked, by selftimer or your owner, and feature a pair of great looking Abus locks.

Once looked you can't get at the menu only your owner has controle of the boots from then on.

Great new version of the Natalie's, fashion boots when unlocked, bondage gear when locked, what else could you wish from a pair of boots? *winks*

Name: WarDooM Shoes
Owner: WarDooM Voom


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