Friday, January 29, 2010

SugarCube Productions

I received a message from Etherkye Hansen of Sugar Cube Productions, inviting me to sample his latest additions to the SL pony play community's collection of carts and racing sulkies in particular.

I have to admit, I was taken by surprise after making a habit of regularly searching ponygirls. pony play and the like, to find a place that had slipped by me. Shock! Horror!

After recovering from that shock, and changing into my pony tack, my first task was to take an unnamed brand of cart for a run around a carefully, and wonderfully built test track.

After a run around at full speed, which resulted in several crashes off the wall, and floating in the air on downhill runs, I switched to the new Sugar Cube Productions speedster carts.

Again, an attempted lap at full speed, but this time, with barely a single wall hit. Admittedly, there was still a little floating on the downhill gradient. But I think that is more due to SL limitations of the physics, particularly when at speed.

The steering was smooth and responsive, without the tendency to overdo it that plagues many other carts.

The cart is clearly designed with racing in mind, and is not a comfortable or romantic ride for two.

But as a pony, I enjoyed taking the cart for a run and found it very easy to actually make progress with it.

And the carts even come in a puppy variant for pony-vs-puppy racing.

The puppy version of the cart uses the same scripts, so will handle equally well.

The pony cart also comes in a 2-pony version, allowing one pony to control the steering, the other the speed.

So I bought one for myself - I recommend these carts that much.

Seriously. I shelled out L$500 for the cart, and would advise any racing pony to consider at least a trial.

The carts can be rezzed at the track at Sugar Cube's test track which can be found HERE.

I spoke with Etherkye at length on my visit, and am rather excited by some of the projects in the works. Watch this space for more!

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