Friday, January 22, 2010

Training Accessories

Accessories are not essential for training a pony, but nevertheless, they can be a useful visual aid.

There are countless riding crops to be found in SL. A number of them are free : the Manbeater 2000 or Womanbeater 2000, for example.

I find these a touch clunky and rather useless. Fortunately, there are other options.

Xcite offer the buggy whip which is scripted to interact with an Xcite HUD and fill your chat with green text telling you how aroused a submissive is.

This is not the useful part - unless robotic cyber stimulation is your thing.

The whip includes a second tier of menu, which allows whip crack signals to be sounded.

You can use this to guide your lucky pony. Even blindfolded. Sort of.

Using the standard 1 whip crack to mean go, and 2 to stop, 3 to go left and 4 to go right, you can instruct your pony with some degree of accuracy - if not speed.

If you need to give two commands in quick succession, you may not be able to prevent the pony taking the cart over a cliff edge ;)

Everything else about the buggy whip is great: it looks the part, sounds the part, and makes any trainer feel perfectly in control. It just needs quick whip commands to be perfect.

I know of a certain HUD that costs next to nothing to help with that, but that's for another time.

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