Friday, February 19, 2010

Pony Roleplay - a Dying Art?

After a recent visit to an older pony stable, I got to talking with the owner and we reminisced a little over the earlier days of pony play in Second Life.

One of the topics that came up was how the skill or role playing seems to be disappearing from ponyplay, replaced by the more convenient "click on hud" features.

Now whilst I don't totally agree that the art of roleplay is almost gone, I did find myself agreeing that the roleplay element is less pronounced.

And as my conversation partner has been involved in the scene much longer than I, this decline in roleplay was more apparent to them than to myself.

More frustratingly for me, was the fact that I realised that I too was falling into the HUD clicking trap.

With advancement in scripts, it is now far easier to just click a HUD button to convey a pre-made emotive statement, than to try and be original and emote something.

This is both a good thing, and a bad thing.

There used to be a time when your Owner or trainer would roleplay hitching a pony to a cart. Now, with RLV, the pony can simply be made to sit.

But wouldn't it be so much more enjoyable to the pony if they were led between the shafts of the cart, their harness checked, adjusted, and then secured to it instead?

And a pony doesn't just magically click a couple of buttons and suddenly, they are transformed from a human in a ball gown to a hooved, bitted and tailed ponygirl.

Why not emote removing their human clothing and then being helped into their tack?

Why not add some spark of personality instead of a simple whinny, snort, or stomp?

Naturally, on the other hand, I do feel the HUDS have their uses, especially when pulling a cart.

Rather than stop, type out an emote, then resume your ride, the pony can click on the HUD to express their enjoyment of the ride.

So, why not experiment a little more, stop being so lazy? Ponies, Owners and Trainers alike all need to make that extra effort and show some creative spark of personality.

To finish, and on a different note, so far I would like to thank the one - yes 1 - person who has offered nominations to the article about pony awards.

Is this really the size of the pony play community?

Come on, it's just for fun unless someone can really help organize an awards ceremony, so pony up some responses. Please!

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