Wednesday, February 17, 2010

VirToys - Black Sin Lovedoll Avatar

One of our friends called Downy Swain, of VirToys, and suggested she get in touch with us.

A few hours later, we were visiting VirToys with this tiny charming pixie... and discussing sex dolls and breast implants :)

Downy produces toys that are a little more hard-core than our usual topics in here, but we agreed that fetish isn't just about pretty boots - a little variety shouldn't kill us.

Virtoys, then, has a variety of sex doll options : mostly avatars, but accessories as well.

There is also a "friends" wall, with items from related designers.

Drop by the store and have a look; you will enjoy the experience, and probably learn a thing or two ;)

Where to begin on this one? it's a complete avatar kit, with some "interesting" RLV extra's.

Lets start with the basic kit, it comes with everything needed for a Avatar, a lovedoll Avatar in this case.

So you get, shape (didn't use the VirToys one in the picture), skin, earcovers, mouthpussy, pussy and collar. You also get the basic doll implants from Implant Nation.

All the prim items come with a RLV lock option so you can be securely locked up.

The breast implants have a couple extra options like: milk control, bounce options, excite! like touch options and of course the always fun size options (seems they go all the way to the prim limit, though we didn't try as our bedroom is kinda small *winks*).

The collar is where the real fun begins: it offers a wide range of mind control functions, including programming, direct mind control and the option to make your doll say what you want it to say.

VirToy offers a nice selection of avatar kits from pink barbie dolls to this somewhat demonic Black Sin version.

So get your's today and the rubber uniform of choice and let your significant other lock you in... enjoy *smiles*

Ohh don't forget to get the free doll candy, no doll should be without it.

Name : VirToys
Owner : Downy Swain


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