Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DV8 - Danse Macabre Boots

If we had to store lelo's ballet boots in real life closets, we'd have to live in a warehouse.

These are Danse Macabre, by DV8, some lovely detailed ballet boots available in dark green, dark red, dark blue, and dark dark... no, no, I kid : the colors are Red, Agate, Espresso, Jade, Moss, Pewter, Purple and Rust.

The heels are detailed and look quite authentic. Detailed prim laces in the front add realism.

The DV8 store is huge, and full of cool clothes and boots (how lelo found *these* I'll never know), so do give it a good look... when you have a fair bit of time free!

Ok, so i'm addicted to these things, there are worse addictions in the world and yes i'm planning to get them all.. *evil laugh*

You can see the Goth roots of DV8 in two ways, all available colors are dark and there is no scripting in these, really there isn't, we've checked..twice.

I love the black sock you see sticking out at the top and the dangling laces will attract nekko girls, so be careful when wearing these. *winks*

The general shape is well done and fitting is easy and made even easier with the supplied pose stand.

So great boots for a good price, and for you bondage bunnies, drop in a locking script and you have yourself a nice looking new toy.

Name : +DV8+
Owner : DV8 Robonaught, Vasha Martinek
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lasombra/67/158/51


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