Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elixir - Albedo Sunglasses and Bodysuit 2.0

The latest Elixir release is those lovely, futuristic Albedo sunglasses, but I thought it would be kind of boring to just wear that.

I thought that they would go really well with the Latex Bodysuit 2.0, and what do you know? I was right! ;)

The sunglasses have a very good menu, allowing texture, opacity and shine change on the lens and frame, and a cool flip option to wear the shades up on your head.

A note about the body suit : it comes with cool prim shoulder pads and pant legs. You will fiddle to fit them. Take a copy first ;)

While looking in our list of designers we saw that we had neglected Elixir for some time so we went and had a good look for what's new.

The real news were the sunglasses and as we both liked the look of the 2.0 bodysuit we were quickly sold.

Where the glasses say snowboard queen the catsuit makes it a more spacey thing, you just have to love those 80's shoulder-pads.

Khorus shows once again that Elixir has it's own style and goes it's own way in SL.

Name : Elixir
Owner : Khorus Magne


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