Friday, April 23, 2010

Pony Places: Alikats Pony Stables

On first rezzing into this wonderful sim, you will find the tack shop to the south of your position.

It's well worth taking a moment to browse through there, as it has many vendors, and not all exclusively pony ones, so you may stumble across something you didn't realize you needed.

Almost right in front of you are the stable rules, as well as boards for training, or if you are looking for work at the stable.

All around the stables, paths wide enough to allow carting lead to all the amenities, and pass a pleasant lake and stream network, with bridges crossing the water where needed.

A partly elevated cart race track, stable stalls, steeple course, slalom, pony polo field and dressage with bleachers can all be found here.

The emphasis at Alikat's is definitely on keeping the pony active.

This being said, you will find around the sim some pleasant and private places to pause and rest your pony.

Roads from around the edge of the stable take you past some residential rental properties, and then out onto the Key Bog Farm - so plenty of room for exploring and carting.

And I recommend you do both when visiting Alikat's.

The whole sim has a resort feel to it - aimed squarely at the pony community.

So if you haven't yet been to visit, what are you waiting for?


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