Tuesday, May 25, 2010

K9 Creations - Puppy Gear

Deirdre :
We’ve been seeing some pretty puppies around SL lately, and I decided to go looking for the gear.

K9 Creations were instantly helpful, and so we present their Puppy Gear tonight.

There is no AO included, but Alexie assures us that one is on its way. Until then, most collars offer a perfectly good crawl animation.

The muzzle is made of shiny black prims, so we used a light grey to show the detail in the second picture.. but lelo makes such a pretty black rubber puppy that I think we found her a new look for fetish events :)

In the kit you’ll find almost everything you see here, we just added a POC skin and of course my collar.

You also get a nice little HUD to control the colors and textures of the gear, so you can adjust it to your own liking.

The items are all copy so you can save a couple of you favorite color combinations.

As you would expect from a modern kit like this all the items are fully RLV compatible and as you can see in the pictures some of the restrictions show on the gear, like the steel muzzle when you are chat restricted.

The RLV options are easily adjusted in the menu and there are 2 pages of options in the muzzle that mostly control chat and IM.

The paws have their own 2 pages of options and these control the touch and travel options. Here you can also control if you leave paw prints.

You get two tails, one of which twitches, but you can switch that on and off by touching it.

Hmm, now where can i find a good water hydrant in SL. *winks*

Name : K9 Creations
Owner : Alexie Birman


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  1. Just wanted to say, Lelo looked so darned cute as a puppygirl!