Friday, May 21, 2010

Pony AO from Grinning Moose

I found this pony AO a long time ago and fell for it instantly. The animations are smooth and imaginative, with a high stepping gait for the walk.

What I love most about this AO though is when you stand still. Or rather, that you don't.

The AO includes several standing animations which include slightly wobbly pose - you try to keep perfectly still and balanced while wearing hooves.

The pony shifts weight from one hoof to the other, constantly moving slightly to maintain balance.

Add to that a little hip wiggle which will cause any prim tail to swish, add to this a lovely little mane preening mane flip.

These all add up to give a realistic feeling behaviour AO.

But my favorite animation is again when standing still a while, the pony stomps each hood in turn a few times, shifting weight while leaning forwards, rearing up for a wonderful head toss.

My only criticism of this AO is it has no jump or pre-jump animation, which would have completed the AO to a wonderful effect.

Though having said this, my version is about 2 years old and it may have been updated.

I am having teleporting trouble at the moment, so I can't get to the store to check if this has been updated, but I recall the price was more than generous for the authentic animations included.

Check it out - pose stands were set out at the store to test the animations before buying.


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  1. I use this AO exclusively as a ponygirl and have done for some time. It is most certainly worth getting and a nice change over the 'hand over breast' static animation most use, even if it means you have to shell out a very small sum (for what you get) of L$.