Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DV8 - Morrhigan Ballet Bitchboots

A gorgeous pair of thigh high ballets from DV8, these are the Morrhigan Ballet Bitchboots.

Rather than do my usual black on black rant, I’ll mention that DV8 is a goth store : maybe it’s a feature this time, not a bug.

Anyway, just to show the level of detail on these beauties, I lightened the closeup picture in Photoshop.

There’s a lovely ankle strap over the laces, and lots of good detailed texture work... for vampires with to see with their night vision ;)

Ok, here is number 3 in our ballet line up this week, the newest edition from DV8.

As before the color setting at DV8 is very dark, but when you zoom all the way in, you’ll see an interesting texture.

You can get the boots in Black (as shown here), Celadon, Espresso, Jade, Moss, Pewter, Red and Rust.

The foot and heel shape are simple but good, i love the laces which are long and will attract all the neko’s you might encounter.

The boots are without any scripting so you can easily add an open collar script to make them lockable.

As usually a good looking, if a bit dark boot for a more than reasonable price.

Name : +DV8+
Owner : DV8 Robonaught, Vasha Martinek


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  1. Just wanted to add a few notes:
    - +DV8+ carries a variety of goth and punk merchandise, ranging from leather to latex and velvet to vinyl. The Morrighan series happens to be one of the goth lines.
    - Our dear Robonaught handles a lot of the physical labor, but the store is jointly owned by Vasha Martinek and Dysturbed Syn.
    - If anyone has any questions or would like to see something modeled in world, the Live Models at the store are more than happy to help. :)