Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inedit - Death Rose

This gorgeous outfit would set you back some thousands of dollars in RL... Death Rose - Blood by Inedit is not something your average 18-year old gothette will be wearing on the street.

The long coat has a number of excellent prim details: collar, cuffs, fun leather “ribbons” hanging from the belt - and the belt itself.

The skirt part is resizeable, and it was easy to fit the belt to my narrow waist.

Good leather pants, excellent boots with a brilliant quick-resize menu (six buttons, from XS to XXL, plus “bigger” and “smaller”).

What else? Open-knuckle fingerless gloves, and a wiiiiiide-open corset style top with lace bra cups, and a lovely necklace.. I swear, all you need is hair and you look like a million bucks.

If Blood is too cheerful and bright-colored for you, Death Rose is also available in Dark ;)

We were lured to a new store by a note card offering a first look at gorgeous leather clothing for Dommes and subs.

They had us by the leather, some of you might know Mistress has a little thing for leather.

The store is big and offer a wide variety of clothing, female and male clothing alike, with a mainly black theme, so what’s not to like.

So get into your walking boots and give the shop a look, i’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like, even if it’s just the lucky chairs or the midnight madness.

Name : Inedit
Owner : Dans Belgar


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