Friday, October 8, 2010

Pony Style: Bridal Pony

No that's not a typo : I do mean bridal, not bridle.

I have long considered how I would want my wedding, should I ever get married in SL.

And last month my girlfriend proposed to me. Happily, I said yes.

That got me back around to thinking about how I would plan a wedding, and naturally, a ponygirl procession is one of my considerations.

After all, who wouldn't enjoy arriving in a ponygirl-drawn carriage for their wedding?

So I went through my pony tack to see how such a bridal procession ponygirl might look.

For this, I used the MB Ultimate hooves, and selected white texture for the boot, black for the straps.

The harness is the Morbid Play bikini harness in white leather. The tail is also from Morbid : braided with 4 bows.

The Evo bridle in white leather to match the harness and Real Restraints arm binder in white leather texture.

The hair is Harem Girl Short from Goldie Locks, in russet red.

A team of 4 similarly outfitted ponygirls would add a touch of elegance to any wedding procession.

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  1. Congratulations, dear Jaydana. May you both be happy for a long long time :)