Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Latex Station - Cara and Rossetta

A new release from Latex Station - the first in a while, but I count six new outfits in the note Chill3 sent out, including one for men only, and one in a male and female version.

I’m wearing Cara here, and since it looks pretty Mord Sith-inspired, I wore my eeeeeevil “Denna“ hair (by Sirena).

The outfit is in five parts, including some good gloves (I didn’t wear them in the pic for some inexplicable reason) and a belt that can be resized properly - that is, shrunk.

The neck harness and straps are available alone on a jacket layer, so you can wear them over anything you like, or nothing, even.

The texture of the leather looks quite authentic.. makes you wonder why people don’t wear more leather straps over latex catsuits in RL. Maybe we’ll lead a fetish fashion trend!

The outfit i’m wearing is called Rossetta and is a 10 piece outfit, containing a prim belt and collar.

Rossetta comes in 4 fashionable colors, black, blue, white and the red i’m wearing here.

In the kit you get a very nice milky white transparent catsuit in underwear layer, a nice base you can use for numerous outfits.

The top also gives you the top part of the shoulder high glove, the supplied gloves cover your hands.

The collar looks good and is an open collar script away from a real useful collar. *winks*

The red tribals on the black latex really work, you’ll sure stand out in a crowd.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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