Friday, November 19, 2010

MDC - Vanilla Pleasures

Having a nose for latex, and a natural curiosity, a random search of SL turned up a rather interesting store called MDC.

On my first visit, a few items caught my eye, but on a return trip some time later I stumbled across another of my favorite types of outfit.

Now there are three riding outfits, named Hunter, Classic and Victorian. And all three look impressive.

Giving in to a weakness of mine, I purchased the set named Hunter.

Containing a beautifully textured red velvet riding jacket, complete with collar, ribbon at the back and cuffs, wonderfully shiny jodhpurs which the photo in store simply does not do justice for.

Also included are a lovely white satin sleeveless blouse with necktie and a riding hat. All prim parts are re-sizable using a menu and required almost no editing to fit my shape.

Priced at just L$399, this is a great looking riding outfit for any pony Mistress, and in my opinion, is worth looking at just for the wonderful pants.

Whether you are hunting on horseback for that elusive fox, or just taking your mount out for a ride, you can't fail to look good in this.

I can only hope that a latex set is on the way soon, as the store carries a large selection of latex wear, guaranteed to eat away at your savings.

Following on is the Classic riding set, again, wonderfully textured, a little more expensive, but I consider this essential purchasing.

The white satin Jodhpurs alone make this a worthy purchase!

And finally, the Victorian outfit -perhaps not so essential for most, but for those like me that love the prim and proper fashions of the era, this again makes a wonderful purchase.

A mesh petticoat underskirt, with a flexi over-skirt, all finished in a lovely satin texture make this a classic, elegant and stylish outfit for those that love the tight laced corset look.

Coming complete with parasol and feather tipped hat, this will look good at any Victorian era sim.

My only gripes are that the overskirt attaches to the pelvis, which is where all of my ridable horses also attach. Being no copy, I am reluctant to try to edit this to attach elsewhere.

Meaning, this is one outfit I will not be wearing on horseback. I would also have liked to have seen a version of the skirt adapted to look perfect when riding a horse side saddle.

I have a selection of Victorian riding habits, and some of them feature a second skirt purely to wear when riding a horse side saddle.

Regardless, this is one of my favorite stores, stocking a number of latex items too. Check it out - I'm sure you will find something you like.


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